Phoenix – Ti Amo Review

dc4578f74e4a783a2617e730d7a0e75a.1000x1000x1.jpgIt seems that Phoenix are really trying to embrace their French roots. Perhaps this is spawned from the recent-ish events in France, but there’s way more French (and other languages) on this album than there ever has been on their previous albums. As the album title suggests, they’re really trying to spread that French love. And it is a lovely album.

It’s bubbly, very fruity, and I just want to chew it and have it explode in my mouth. There are funky disco grooves, synths, the mozzarella song (Fior di Latte translates to mozzarella) has breezy boopy drums. And the album actually reminds me The Strokes’ most recent album Comedown Machine at a lot of times, which isn’t a bad thing for me, because I enjoyed that album a fair bit.

Unfortunately, the album does start to mellow out towards the end, but that doesn’t make it any less pleasurable on the ears. And I do think the single J-Boy is probably the strongest song on the album, even if the whole thing is thoroughly enjoyable. I do wish they included a 6-minute instrumental track that paraded their last two albums, I actually enjoyed those.

I think, just like Bankrupt!, this isn’t an album that’s wowed me, but one that I will probably find myself playing a lot simply because of how pleasant it is to listen to, (without it eventually becoming grating, like so many happy and catchy albums can become.)

Favourites: J-Boy, Tuttifrutti, Fior Di Latte 

Score: 6.5/10


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