Oliver Tank – OT Album & Live Review

oliver-tank-ot-0417I first heard Oliver Tank’s music a few years ago, and his songs became cemented into me when I decided to listen to his Slow Motion Music EP while sitting on rocks off the pier on a beach on a cold night, watching the stars and the lights of the city across the bay with a friend.

I can’t say I’ve done the same with this album yet, but I did listen to it while walking home at night, which is honestly the perfect environment for it; anywhere silent, and at night.

These songs are simple, with slow atmospheric beats and glitches, and Oliver Tanks quiet but beautiful vocals subtly flow in and out of the music. Fawn Myers features in two tracks, and her cooing of /Oliver, where have you been?/ on the song Lost, in which Oliver responds to each of her refrains feels touching and personal.

The album is chill, airy and relaxing. Every time Tank sings /in circles/ on the song Circles is bliss, and the repetitive vocals and blips on Silhouette are mesmerising, and much of the songs really make you just want to float away.

Though the album does have an issue of flow. Too many songs end abruptly, only to be followed by like five seconds of silence, and then for the next song to start up, when this is precisely the type of album that needs flow in between each of the songs to give it that dream-like feel that it’s trying to convey.

Unfortunately, I thought both of the preceding EPs to this album were better than this one. Maybe it’ll grow on me when I finally get the chance to listen to it while sitting on the beach-side pier at night.

Favourites: Circles, Lost, Swerve, Silhouette

Score: 5/10


I saw Oliver Tank at the Howler for his album tour, and unfortunately, it was only alright.

I think what Oliver Tank desperately needs is a full band accompanying him. He stands in front of us with just his guitar, some electronic drum-pad-machine thing and DJ controller set up. (I’m not a musician I don’t know what it’s called.)

He takes his already simple songs and further simplifies them for a live performance, which doesn’t really translate well, and just makes the whole experience a little too bare. His smiles while playing the songs were absolutely adorable though, especially during the finale where he remixed Snoop’s Drop It Like It’s Hot, it was like a sad version of the song, and I almost wish he played more songs like this, even if they weren’t his own, cause it was actually probably the best part of the set.


Halsey – hopeless fountain kingdom Review

knew I was in for a great record when I read these editors’ notes from inside the album. I knew this was going to be one that would sit alongside the greats. I knew it was going to be a ground-breaking, revolutionary record when I heard Halsey read out a passage from Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet during the intro song The Prologue. I knew this was going to be a deep record that tackled complex dark themes and social topics. I knew this wasn’t going to be just another pop record.

Perhaps I’m unable to give the album a proper review, because I will admit, I kind of went into it expecting to hate it, because I thought the singles off BADLANDS were also extremely bland, and hating on the album has turned into a (tiny bit of a) meme. But yeah….

Yeah, um. The album is alright. It’s not great, it’s not terrible. 100 Letters was pretty catchy. The two interludes I liked a lot; Good Mourning, and Walls Could Talk. They actually sounded dark and brooding, like something inspired by a twisted Alice in Wonderland. If only more songs were like this I might have even loved the album. Funnily, I kept thinking I was going to really like a song when it started, but then when it progressed into the crux of the song, they would diverge into a standard, not particularly memorable pop hook.

I just don’t think I can really get around Halsey’s vocals, or the hooks. I don’t want to completely rip them apart, because they’re not bad at all, they’re simply doable. Much like the beats and the instrumentals as well; they just sound like the typical trap stuff thats been going around lately, with lots of reverb; the standard BURR BURR BURR on each note.

So yeah, it’s basically what I expected it to be, just a really meh pop alternative record.

Favourites: 100 Letters, Good Mourning, Lie, Walls Could Talk, Don’t Play, Strangers, Hopeless

Worst: all the other songs