Halsey – hopeless fountain kingdom Review

knew I was in for a great record when I read these editors’ notes from inside the album. I knew this was going to be one that would sit alongside the greats. I knew it was going to be a ground-breaking, revolutionary record when I heard Halsey read out a passage from Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet during the intro song The Prologue. I knew this was going to be a deep record that tackled complex dark themes and social topics. I knew this wasn’t going to be just another pop record.

Perhaps I’m unable to give the album a proper review, because I will admit, I kind of went into it expecting to hate it, because I thought the singles off BADLANDS were also extremely bland, and hating on the album has turned into a (tiny bit of a) meme. But yeah….

Yeah, um. The album is alright. It’s not great, it’s not terrible. 100 Letters was pretty catchy. The two interludes I liked a lot; Good Mourning, and Walls Could Talk. They actually sounded dark and brooding, like something inspired by a twisted Alice in Wonderland. If only more songs were like this I might have even loved the album. Funnily, I kept thinking I was going to really like a song when it started, but then when it progressed into the crux of the song, they would diverge into a standard, not particularly memorable pop hook.

I just don’t think I can really get around Halsey’s vocals, or the hooks. I don’t want to completely rip them apart, because they’re not bad at all, they’re simply doable. Much like the beats and the instrumentals as well; they just sound like the typical trap stuff thats been going around lately, with lots of reverb; the standard BURR BURR BURR on each note.

So yeah, it’s basically what I expected it to be, just a really meh pop alternative record.

Favourites: 100 Letters, Good Mourning, Lie, Walls Could Talk, Don’t Play, Strangers, Hopeless

Worst: all the other songs